D​​ear AAVAA Community, 

This year has been off to a busy start, and over the past couple months we’ve launched a new patented form factor with our BCI technology, garnered some serious media attention and our team exhibited and spoke at a leading industry event – CSUN

Dive into our latest highlights to learn more about how we are growing.

Feature Article on the Potential of BCI Technology in Healthcare in MedCity News

MedCity News featured an article from our CTO on the impact of BCI technology in healthcare–now and in the near future– from EEG monitoring, neuroprosthetics and advanced patient care. This journey is not just about connecting the human brain to computers. It is about redefining how we understandapproach and experience healthcare.

AAVAA Demos its BCI Technology for the Accessibility Industry at this year’s CSUN

We had an incredible time at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, a yearly gathering that unites the brightest in the field to push the boundaries of what’s possible in assistive tech. Dr. Naeem Komeilipoor took the stage with a session on BCI applications for the assistive technology industry and took the time to educate attendees on all the possibilities for BCI from advanced wheelchair technology, patient-caregiver interaction, device control and beyond. He was also interviewed by the press interested in learning more about our technology.

Our team was also able to demo our new Smart Goggles and AAVAA Headband to new users, who were impressed by the ease of use, and shared with our team  the practical ways they could see the technology enhancing their everyday lives.

AAVAA Launches its Newest Form Factor: Smart Glasses

We also announced our newest form factor leveraging our proprietary technology: AAVAA Smart Glasses. The licensable technology can seamlessly integrate with many different glasses and will help users interact with devices using only facial cues, by distinguishing between intentional and reflexive gestures for unmatched accuracy and effectiveness.

“Our goal is to redefine user engagement and accessibility, making everyday interactions seamless and more intuitive.”

AAVAA Smart Glasses represent a significant advancement in AR/VR, smart home applications, gaming and assistive technologies, promising an immersive and accessible digital future for all. You can also read about the news in publications like Hearing Health and Technology Matters and AT Today.

Stay connected for more updates, insights and breakthroughs from AAVAA. Thank you!

— The AAVAA Team