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Co-Founder Naeem Komeilipoor Featured on The Launch Podcast

Come hear AAVAA's very own co-founder, Naeem Komeilipoor, in an interview by The Launch podcast. In the interview, he discusses the vision behind AAVAA, as well as many more topics, including the current state of neurotechnology, the hearables and hearing aids market, the importance of neuroethics, what we can expect for the future of technology, [...]

Co-Founder Naeem Komeilipoor Featured on The Launch Podcast2021-09-01T11:15:08-04:00

Introducing the AAVAA Bionic Ear

We are developing the first AAVAA device, a bluetooth earpiece that sits seamlessly around your ear. It uses brain and bio-signals to understand your attentional focus, mental state of the user, and much more. Using this information, the device performs certain commands, all without you having to push buttons or speak.

Introducing the AAVAA Bionic Ear2021-04-20T10:10:44-04:00

AAVAA’s 1st Demo: Identifying Attention

In this demo, a user wearing our very first wireless headphone prototype will use his attention to enhance the voice he desires to hear. Just by understanding his gaze from sensors around the ears, our device instantaneously enhances the attended speech. In a second demo, for cases when the user is not looking toward the [...]

AAVAA’s 1st Demo: Identifying Attention2021-04-20T10:12:23-04:00

AAVAA Is Now an NSERC Create Partner

We are glad to announce we are now an NSERC CREATE partner! This allows us to provide 4-month funded internships to graduate and postdoctoral trainees. The program integrates training in mathematics, physics, and computer science with neuroscience, physiology, and psychology to extract the complex dynamics resulting from biological measures. We will be among few highly [...]

AAVAA Is Now an NSERC Create Partner2021-04-20T11:16:11-04:00

Did you know…

Did you know that AAVAA is building a unique listening device?    This #device allows everyone to hear what matters by processing their surrounding sounds based on input from their brain and biosignals. AAVAA creates the possibility to control your auditory environment, enhance the sounds you want to hear, and suppress distracting noise.    Learn [...]

Did you know…2021-04-20T11:11:39-04:00