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AAVAA believes you should be in control of your devices. To do so, we are developing a solution by fusing advancements in multiple fields to enhance our capabilities as humans, opening the door to a new era of Human-machine interaction.

With the ability to track facial gestures, this headset gives the appearance of being able to read a user’s mind

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By Mitchell Consky CTVNews.ca│Toronto, September 2023 With technological advancements [...]

From Noise to Clarity: Solving the Cocktail Party Problem with Naeem Komeilipoor, PhD at AAVAA

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By Dr. Milena Korostenskaja The Institute of Neuroapproaches LLC│Montreal, [...]

AAVAA Receives $1.3M Grant from Government of Canada for Accessible Technology Development

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The funding will support research and development for brain-computer interface [...]