AAVAA, a pioneer in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, is thrilled to announce its participation in CES 2024. AAVAA has created a brain-computer interface (BCI) technology that enables devices to understand and react to user needs, with the mere use of subtle eye and facial movements. 

This new technology is transforming the use of the brain and biosignals to access a new era of human device control. At the event, AAVAA will unveil three different form factors that employ ground-breaking brain-computer interface (BCI) technology to transform accessibility, AR/VR and smart home applications. The lineup of products include:

  • AAVAA Headband Accessibility Developer’s Kit acts as a sophisticated ‘head mouse,’ decoding the user’s intent and subtle commands such as head and eye movements, blinks, winks, and other facial gestures.This innovative technology allows users, including those with mobility impairments, to control devices such as phones, tablets, smart home devices, and wheelchairs  through simple movements, revolutionizing the way they interact with technology and the world around them.
  • AAVAA Smart Glasses, the first BCI-powered smart glasses that aid individuals with paralysis in device management and enhance hearing for the impaired, especially in noisy environments. Tailored for versatile applications like gaming, occupational health, the workplace, and smart home devices, they feature music playback and phone call handling.
  • AAVAA’s Earbuds utilize BCI technology to monitor biopotentials from the ear—the gateway to the human body. The device empowers individuals with disabilities, including paralysis and speech communication issues, while actively developing alternative channels for the hard of hearing to engage effectively. By employing signal processing and AI to enhance sounds based on users’ attention, AAVAA’s Earbuds aim to provide superhuman hearing.

“BCI technology is a game-changer when it comes to controlling devices,” said Naeem Komeilipoor, founder and CTO of AAVAA. “It’s not just about aiding those who are paralyzed to control their wheelchairs or gadgets, but it’s also about creating a new realm of possibilities. From resolving the ‘Cocktail Party Problem’ in hearing impairments to revolutionizing AR/VR controls and enhancing astronaut functionality in space, the consumer applications are limitless.”



AAVAA is also proud to announce its selection to participate in one of the ten open booth spots within Eureka Park at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, as part of CTA’s Startup Experience. This participation underscores AAVAA’s dedication to pioneering solutions in the field of health technology, from consumer electronics to accessibility.. AAVAA can be found at booth #60265 in Eureka Park

Moreover, AAVAA is thrilled to be part of the CTA Foundation’s annual pitch competition focused on health tech, addressing patient safety issues. This competition aligns perfectly with AAVAA’s mission of creating inclusive and transformative technology solutions.