Dear AAVAA Community,

As we kick off a new year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our shared journey. These recent months have been marked by significant milestones and monumental progress for AAVAA, and it fills us with excitement to share the highlights of our latest endeavors with you. The future holds even more transformative innovations, and we can’t wait to explore them together.

AAVAA at CES 2024: Innovation Unveiled

We are excited and honored to announce that as part of the CTA’s Startup Experience, AAVAA was one of only ten companies to be awarded a booth in Eureka Park at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, a testament to our commitment in leading health technology innovations. This opportunity is a significant recognition of our efforts in advancing consumer electronics and accessibility solutions.


Visit us at booth #60265 in Eureka Park to witness our cutting-edge brain-computer interface (BCI) technology firsthand:

•   AAVAA Headband : Revolutionizing device control for those with mobility impairments, this headband acts as an advanced ‘head mouse’ and smart home controller.

•   AAVAA Smart Glasses : The first of their kind, these BCI-powered glasses enhance device management and hearing capabilities, especially designed for individuals with paralysis.

•   AAVAA Earbuds : A pioneering solution using BCI technology to assist those with disabilities and hearing impairments, offering enhanced sound based on user attention.

To book an appointment or interview with us at the show, please reach out directly to

Support us at CTA Foundation Pitch Competition on January 10th.

Also at CESAAVAA will be one of eight finalists participating in CTA’s Pitch Competition at the Eureka Park Startup Stage on Wednesday, January 10th. Come see AAVAA, one of the top “startups helping people of all ages and abilities stay healthy,” and be part of the winner selection.

New Smart Home Demo: A Glimpse into the Future

We’re excited to present our latest breakthrough in smart home technology. Our new demo showcases how individuals with limited mobility can easily control various smart home devices using AAVAA‘s headband. This innovative technology enables users to interact with their home environment through simple head movements and blinking, providing a new level of convenience and independence.

The potential of this technology extends far beyond personal home use. Imagine factory workers or even astronauts in space, seamlessly controlling devices and machinery through intuitive head and eye movements. This innovation not only enhances the quality of life for millions but also opens new doors for efficient and safer work environments in various industries.

The impact of our Smart Home Demo is profound. It’s a step towards a future where technology adapts to the user’s needs, transforming daily activities into effortless interactions. This demo is just a glimpse into what’s possible with AAVAA‘s technology, paving the way for smarter, more inclusive living and working spaces.

We’re Hiring! Join Our Innovative Team

AAVAA is growing rapidly, and we’re inviting talented individuals to be part of our expanding team. If you’re driven by innovation in BCI technology, we offer a range of exciting roles, including Machine Learning, Signal Processing Engineering, Industrial Design, Software Engineering, Material Science, and Cybersecurity. Discover these career opportunities here and join our forward-thinking team.

Happy New Year!

As we enter into a fresh year, we hope it’s filled with joy, peace, and prosperity. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Here’s to a bright and innovative New Year!

— The AAVAA Team