Congratulations to our Founder, Naeem Komeilipoor, for his recent TED Talk hosted by TEDxMcGill! 

In his talk, Naeem sheds light on the present and future state of Brain-Machine Interfaces and envisions how it will eventually turn us into superhumans, or, as he calls it, “e-Humans”. 

After providing some examples of recent breakthroughs in neural implants, he foresees that the next evolution of this technology will be towards non-invasive neurotech wearables.

At AAVAA, we are accomplishing exactly this, developing a first-of-its kind Brain-Computer Interface, using brain and bio-signals to understand the subtle commands and attention of the user. By doing so, we are bringing this vision of enhancing human capabilities one step closer to reality, showing the exciting promise of using the brain to control what sounds you hear and even how you interact with your devices. 

You can watch the full video at the TED website here.