Dear AAVAA Community,

It’s been a busy start to 2024 here at AAVAA! Already this year we’ve made a large impact at some of the biggest conferences and showcased our groundbreaking achievements and received significant recognition.

A Stellar Showcase at CES 2024

Our journey at CES 2024 marked a milestone for AAVAA. Not only did we showcase our cutting-edge Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology, but we also captured significant attention, establishing ourselves as pioneers in the tech world. In the spotlight at Eureka Park, we unveiled our latest innovations – the AAVAA Headband Accessibility Developer’s KitAR/VR Smart Glasses, and Earbuds, each a revolutionary step in enhancing communication for individuals with disabilities.

A highlight of the event was being among the Top 8 in the CES 2024 Pitch Competition, a testament to our technology’s transformative potential.


AAVAA Featured in The Daily Beast

Our CES success story continued with a feature in The Daily Beast , where journalist Tony Ho Tran shared his awe-inspiring experience using the AAVAA Headband.

In a detailed article, Tony depicted the seamless interaction of controlling a computer cursor and making selections using just his head and eye movements, likening the experience to ‘magic.’ His account vividly portrayed our innovation’s potential to integrate our brains with surrounding technology, offering new possibilities for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. 

“The future of smart technology is blurring the line between our devices and our minds,” Tran wrote.

This coverage, alongside features in BNN BreakingMedCity News, and others, has amplified the impact and potential of our BCI technology on a global scale.

Transforming Lives at ATIA Orlando

Our participation at the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference in Orlando was another highlight of this month and a meaningful step towards driving the assistive technology industry forward. During the conference AAVAA met with many potential business partners, and we’re excited to share more soon about our BCI technology integrating with some of the leading assistive devices in the market now. 

Dr. Naeem Komeilipoor also presented a session on the current and future applications of BCI technology to a large group of attendees which generated lively conversations afterward. He also shared a demo of the AAVAA Headband on stage in front of conference goers. 

One of the potential end users stopped by the booth to try the headband and glasses and left very hopeful. She had been frustrated with other devices on the market, even completing her PhD dissertation one character at a time on an iPhone several years ago. She was excited to find technology that can help her, especially since her condition is worsening and has no cure.

Empowering Women in AI: WAI-Symposium 2024

AAVAA was also at this year’s WAI-Symposium, where we unveiled our latest AI technologies in hearables and AR/VR. We were able to meet and collaborate with talented women shaping the future of AI.

The Importance of BCI Technologies at CSUN 2024

Next month don’t miss AAVAA at the  CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in AnaheimCalifornia. Our CTONaeem, will be presenting on the importance of brain-computer interface technology in assistive technology markets on Wednesday, March 20.

This month has been a whirlwind of innovation, recognition and anticipation for what the future holds. Join us as we continue to break barriers and redefine technology in 2024 and beyond!

— The AAVAA Team