Hi, This month was brimming with remarkable achievements and exciting breakthroughs.

From securing second place at the LG NOVA webOS Hackathon, showcasing groundbreaking technology at the Space4Women Expert Meeting, to our recent notable recognition in Canada’s audio tech scene and our CTO’s recent article in AT Today magazine, we’ve been busy pioneering and making waves in diverse sectors.

‘Blink and Control Your LG TV’ with AAVAA’s Revolutionary Technology

We’re thrilled to share that AAVAA secured second place at the LG NOVA webOS Hackathon during the LG NOVA Innovation Festival.

Our Founder and CTO, Naeem, wowed the audience with a groundbreaking demo showcasing our innovative device that allows control of LG TVs using only head movements and blinks.

This is a remarkable achievement that further established AAVAA‘s standing as a pioneering force in cutting-edge accessibility technologies.

We’re immensely grateful to LG for this experience and look forward to future collaborations!

What if Technology Could Bridge the Gap Between Earth and the Cosmos?

We had the privilege of showcasing our groundbreaking technology at the Space4Women Expert Meeting earlier this month.

At the event, we presented our innovative wearable devices with patented biosensors capable of reading brain and biosignals to an audience inclusive of astronauts, space experts and industry leaders. With AAVAA’s technology, astronauts have the potential to monitor vital biometrics or control their spacecraft using just a blink or facial gestures, ensuring safer and more efficient space missions.

Together, we’re shaping a brighter future for all, from Earth to the cosmos. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue our mission to revolutionize technology and accessibility.

Exciting News: AAVAA Selected for Eureka Park at CES 2024!

AAVAA has been chosen as one of only ten startups to showcase in an open booth at Eureka Park during the CES 2024. This prestigious selection is a testament to the innovative spirit and hard work of our team. Eureka Park, renowned for spotlighting up-and-coming innovations in the global tech scene, offers an unparalleled platform for us to showcase our cutting-edge developments.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement at Eureka Park, CES 2024, in Las Vegas from January 9-12. This event, part of CTA’s Startup Experience, is a golden opportunity for us to shine on a global stage. More CES updates to come in our next e-newsletter!

AAVAA’s CTO is featured in AT Today Magazine

Our CTO, Naeem, penned an insightful article for AT Today titled “The Power of Brain-Controlled Assistive Devices for Motor Impairments”. This article delves into the hurdles in assistive technology and the significant promise of brain-controlled devices for individuals facing motor impairments and speech communication disorders.

The article positions AAVAA’s new headband as a powerful assistive tool to aid with environmental control, communication and mobility enhancement. Access the complete article here.

AAVAA Named One of Canada’s Most Influential Audio Tech Startups Innovating Sound

AAVAA has once again been acknowledged as a standout player in Canada’s audio tech scene. Our work in developing a bionic ear, designed to reduce noise and assist those with hearing impairments, has contributed significantly to Canada’s tech sector. Read more about the standout startups in Canadian Venture here.

Stay tuned as we continue to break new ground and innovate the world of technology. Thank you for being a part of the AAVAA journey!

-The AAVAA Team