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AAVAA Launches Headband Accessibility Developer’s Kit for Trial Period

This month, we announced our first-of-its-kind technology: the AAVAA’s Headband Accessibility Developer’s Kit. This band acts as a ‘head mouse’ and decodes a user’s auditory and visual attention, and also their intent and subtle commands, such as blinks, winks and eye gazes. This means, users can now seamlessly control their devices, such as phones, tablets or assistive devices with simple movements like a blink or a click of a tongue, making it a functional technology for users without motor function and, ultimately, transforming their daily interactions.

This technology will enable paralyzed people to control their wheelchairs and operate their computers and cellphones so they can communicate and function in our modern world.

The new AAVAA’s kit is available for trial at aavaa.com, marking a leap towards independent living for those with disabilities.

The media has taken quite an interest in the new technology as well. Hearing Health & Technology MattersRehab Management and AT Today all highlight our progress and the impact we’re making in the industry. 

Naeem Komeilipoor presenting AAVAA at Collision

SHOWCASING OUR INNOVATION – AAVAA’s Presence at Collision and Reuters MOMENTUM

Our Chief Technology Officer, Naeem, continues to contribute to thought leadership. He recently presented at Collision and participated in Reuter’s MOMENTUM in Austin, Texas, offering valuable insights into the intersection of technology and accessibility. Catch a glimpse of Naeem’s presentation at Collision and learn more about AAVAA’s groundbreaking technology.

Participating in the Collision conference in Toronto was crucial for our company as it offered a multitude of significant benefits. During the event, our team had the opportunity to network with industry leaders, potential partners, investors, and customers, fostering valuable connections. We also gained valuable market insights, staying up-to-date on industry trends and innovations. Showcasing our products and services at the conference increased our brand visibility and recognition.

We attended talks, workshops, and the pitch competition enriched our knowledge and provided valuable learning opportunities and exposed us to many potential partners and investors, with whom we are currently in touch, presenting exciting growth prospects for our startup. Gaining insights into emerging technologies and consumer behavior in the industry proved to be invaluable. Watch Naaem at PITCH Collision here.

The conference also facilitated our business development efforts, offering valuable insights into the process of commercializing our devices and preparing to enter the market. Our team on the ground secured the necessary support, budget and resources for a productive conference experience that significantly contributed to our company’s growth and overall success. 

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We’re expanding our team and looking for passionate individuals to join us on this remarkable journey. If you’re interested in contributing to groundbreaking technology that empowers lives, find more about our current job openings here or reach out at info@aavaa.com