accessible control
for all devices

Experience a new way of control through
a comfortable non-invasive device.

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Super Human Capabilities

Our technology enables hands and voice-free control for your devices. With AAVAA, choose what you hear, see, or select with nothing more than a few subtle facial gestures.

Mobility Impairment

speech enhancement

Augmented & Virtual Reality

control your devices
through subtle
face gestures

Blink and control smart devices
based on gaze and head direction

what our technology offers

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BCI Powered Devices

our innovative devices

translate brain and bio-signals directly into meaningful commands for devices. For the first time, operate your device without any physical or spoken commands.

Our hardware technology incorporates both fabric sensors for comfort and flexibility, and leveraging in-house 3D printing technology to achieve superior precision on smaller devices.


AAVAA believes that you should be in full control of your devices. Our technology enables devices to understand and react to your needs, hands and voice-free.

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